Founded in March 1986, JL Capacitors is dedicated to the manufacture of Electrolytic Capacitors, especially those destined to start single-phase motors used in electric motors in general. Capacitors JL are manufactured with the highest technology in the industry with strict selection of raw materials. The highly controlled production process in all its stages and automatic winding of the coils allow us to obtain capacitors of the highest quality.

Quality Policy

We have chosen quality as a priority objective in our commercial relations, so that not only our product, but also the relationship with customers is above expectations.

To achieve this objective all our employees have as main goal to maintain and, if possible, improve quality in everything they do – always respecting and preserving the environment.

In the permanent pursuit of the satisfaction of our customers, we spare no efforts in the research of new materials, equipment and technologies, as well as in the training and valuation of our employees so that they are able to achieve these objectives.

Lauro Bozzoli,